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WordPress conversion

Bogart-Brownell Insurance Company of Bethesda needed to be able to maintain their own content.   WordPress was the answer, affording them the ability to update and add pages without any special technical training. We simply converted their existing static HTML site to WordPress, provided training, and they were off and running!

Author’s Site Celebrates New Book

We just launched for children’s author Monica Baker to celebrate the publication of her book Freestyle.

Small Business Web Sites

Luck Catchers is the inspiration of artist Francine d’Antuono of Fernwood Designs Studio.  This very simple web site, developed in WordPress (so Francine can easily update the content herself) links to her store.  While the code behind the site is quite simple, the design is elegant and the sale of products has been booming. [View more small business web sites we have developed]

Multi-Lingual Web Sites

Kamksy Associates is an American advisory firm operating in China.  We built this bilingual (Chinese/’English) site contracting to Swim Design. The beautiful design from Swim is fully supported by a robustly programmed back end, which uses WordPress as the content management system,  demonstrating the great versatility of this software.  We used tools such as the automatic language switcher, the seamless slideshow on the home page, the multi-lingual search tool,  and dynamic columns builder.   [View more multi-lingual web sites we have developed]

Coding for Designers

The designers we work with are extremely creative, visually intelligent people. Most of them also hate to deal with code. We can render your design in clean, semantic HTML and CSS , and convert it to WordPress, while retaining the colors, fonts, kerning, leading, and alignments you intended. [Read more ]


“Thank you again for everything. You turned an evening Wednesday class that I initially thought of as a major hassle into an enjoyable experience.” — Chris, Montgomery College

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