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The environmental crisis in Haiti is in an extremely advanced state.

At this point in time, Haiti is almost entirely deforested. Forest cover in 1923 was estimated at 60%. By 1978 (pine) forests cover was 2.3%, by 1989 1.3%. It appears that Haiti is losing its remaining forests by about 30% per decade.

Mangroves cover 0.53% of the country and pine forests 0.97%. In addition to that, dense vegetation (16.75%) and brush (22.7%). It should be kept in mind that 60% of Haiti is on slopes, and agriculture is not possible there, and therefore the vegetation cover is very low.

For much more information, go to: Haiti: Action plan for the Environment (in French)
Also see: "Haiti Econet - Edition speciale. La Gestion de l'environnement en Haiti - RealitÚs et Perspectives", published by UNOPS/PNUD recently (in late 1998).

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