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Dalmatian mix in ValladolidThe most common subject discussed with regard to animals and Mexico is bullfighting. Certainly, the practices are very cruel and display an underlying lack of compassion for animals. There are several groups working on many fronts to combat this cruel practice.

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However, one rarely hears about the plight of the Mexican dogs. It seems to be easy to overlook them. They are everywhere, and yet it is all too easy to not notice them. In every town one sees tourists with their eyes pointed upward at church towers, haggling with Mexican vendors, or indulging in sun and abundant beer. Rarely do they notice the dogs. To the Mexicans the dogs are like flies-- a nuisance, and everywhere. Exterminating services have been created to "take care of" the dog problem, where regular roundups and poisonings occur.

A personal note:

I first "met" and fell in love with Mexico in the Sonoran desert in 1987 and have since traveled to the country regularly. Mexico has a rich, ancient culture, the best food in the hemisphere, and truly terrific mariachi bands. The people are warm and welcoming, and the children are beautiful. Because my Spanish is fluent and has been "mexican-ified" by my friends, I feel at home there.

It pains me deeply to get to know this side of Mexico -- the suffering of her animals. I hope that through this site I may hear from others who are concerned about the plight of the dogs and together we can work towards helping them.

-- anne

Although the dogs are rarely aggressive - more often they are pathetically starved for both love and food - they are routinely shooed away as one does a fly, or bluntly kicked. They are thin, heads always to the ground hoping to sniff out some bit of edible garbage, and often diseased or injured.

The purpose of this site is twofold: (1) to give a face to the millions of suffering dogs just south of our borders by introducing some individual dogs to you, and (2) to encourage you to write letters both to Mexican authorities and to the international animal welfare groups to plead for the case of these dear and suffering creatures.

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