The Dogs of Mexico
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Female dalmatian mix

"Dal", Valladolid, August 2000

This was the only female dog out and about in Valladolid, Yucatán. I saw her following everyone around the plaza, Mexicans and tourists, wagging her tail hopefully but with her head down in submission. She had a left eye injury apparently from trauma to the head with significant swelling and pus coming from the eye. Her genitals were bloody and hanging out an inch; it was clearly painful for her to sit and so she balanced on one bony hip. She also had an injury to her left hind "heel" which caused her to limp.

I spent some time with her petting and feeding her. I tried to talk to people about her but no one was interested. "She's a 'perro callejero' "(street dog), they would say with a shrug.

View of dog from above

Dalmatian's face

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